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PPG&A, INC. has been developing, supporting, and maintaining applications for over 28 years. Our mission has been the highest commitment to customer satisfaction. This means taking the time to pay attention to the smallest detail!
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We create business applications across a wide range of industries. Whether you intend to deploy across the web, mobile or desktop we may be able help.


Mobile can mean mobile web or mobile native. Either way we can help determine which is the best for the objective. When it requires both approaches we have it covered.

Responsive Design

You want your site to look good and be responsive. Your user shouldn't have to choose between function and form. If a user comes to your site from a desktop browser or a mobile browser it should still function and be responsive irrespective of the browser.


When targeting native mobile there are basically two primary target platforms. Using a development tool like Xamarin leverages code sharing across platforms. This is a significant reduction in time to market and maintainable code base.

Web Development Stack

ASP.NET MVC is MS latest offering for client and server side web development. Todays web sites typically encompasses much more than static web pages. ASP.NET MVC offers a robust environment for creating line of business web and web API deployments.

Database Design

One of the first things all great applications start with is database design. Attention to detail during this process will have one of the greatest impacts on the entire applications. This goes for any database implementation required for the applications.


Whatever form your EDI takes, talk to us about your requirements. We know and understand the different standards related to EDI and that sometimes EDI doesn’t necessarily fit into any standard.

Desktop Applications

Todays desktop applications are really a hybrid between the desktop and the cloud. We’ve taken many customers ideas and made them reality through developing enterprise level desktop applications. Whether it’s a single purpose application or one that is distributed through channel partners we’re ready for the task.

Software & Technology Consulting

  • Supplement in-house software development
  • Business Process Review
  • Application Integration
  • Work Order System for Support Organizations
  • Reverse Logistics Management
  • Project Management
  • Resource Assessment - Software and Hardware

Legacy Systems

We’ve been able to step in to support legacy systems where the original developer has abandoned the application. This includes day-to-day operational support and a phased migration of the application to a modern platform if needed.


Listed below are a few different type of applications that we've had the opportunity to develop for our customers.

SEER - Statistical Evaluation for Enhancement of Revenue.

SEER encompasses a Desktop application, Window Service, Web Services, Web Interface, Web Administration Interface, and a mobile Web Interface.

RMA System

An in-house web application for the reverse processing of water meter related components.

Patient Tracking

A countermeasure response web application.

Order Management

A customized web application which interfaces with a back end desktop application.

Functional Needs

A web application that registers persons in a community with functional needs.

Visual Freight Broker

A web/intranet LOB Application targeted at the freight broker industry.

Rapid Sprout

Rapid Sprout is a multi-purpose list management application with hundreds of predefined folder layouts to choose from. It has a web interface along with a native IOS application.

Application Maintenance

Customer application maintenance for key components where they may need additional help or expertise.

Application Support

Supporting customers with their day-to-day operational needs as required.


We specialize in data driven line of business web, mobile and desktop application development. Todays information is a force your business needs to succeed with. We approach our software development with the greatest emphasis on the customer requirements then use software tools to underpin the construct. Creating an exceptional product on-time and within budget is our top priority.

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